Thursday, January 21, 2016

ATA Pics


December 2015

 I got to watch Lexi for awhile this month. She and Abby had fun making a mess of the kitchen playing with and feeding the guinea pigs. They are our only pets still going strong. We've lost two hamsters and one bird, and it was all within a week or two. That leaves us with two healthy guinea pigs, a healthy bird, and one very unhealthy hamster who should not be alive right now, except she is. 

 Teddy Bear


 I've done a couple short clean eating and/or exercise groups. This was during the 12 days of "Fitmas" challenge. Chelsea did most of it with me. Here we are doing a two-minute wall sit, making faces to distract from the pain in the legs.

 We've become expert plankers as well, since the first day of fitmas was a one-minute plank and we had to do that every day for the rest of the 12 days of fitmas as things added on! (ONE minute plank, TWO minute wall sit, THREE minute ab work, FOUR lunges each side, FIVE star jumps, etc. )Yes we are in the kitchen/entryway doing this. We are weirdos.
 Her skirt makes it look like her knees are down, but they are not!

 Chelsea moved up to GREEN belt in Taekwondo!

Tis the season for CARAMEL POPCORN BALLS!!! Mmm my favorite holiday treat! We made several batches throughout the month for eating and for giving away and for Christmas Eve/Day.

 On Christmas Eve we went skating at the Maysa Arena. I'm really glad for these metal thingies that help the little ones stay up. Brie slipped and slid her way around mostly on her own.

 Abby still needed constant help, but there were plenty of grown ups around to help out.

 Chels is confident enough to skate without assistance. She's already a better skater than me, though that isn't saying TOO much.

 Michelle and Allen and Gemma came home for the holidays this year.

 So did Uncle Greg.

 Still Christmas Eve here. This is some of the goodies that kept my mom busy. Except the popcorn balls. Beth and me and the girls made those. We've had lots of practice this year. Haha!

 Abby hanging out underfoot getting ready to eat.

 Most of the kids hung out in the play room, but I visited them for a couple minutes and snagged this gem of Brie.



 Gavin, fleeing from the camera

 Grayson and Gatlyn, dutifully ignoring the camera

 Tyjah with her parents Bryon and Crystal

 Elijah. The Haffner kids were pretty worn out by this point.

 Ezrael (Ezzy sp?) and Elena, twins. Also zonked.

 I caught Isaac chewing. Ha!

 The kitchen crew, Kinda making a goofy face for me.

Out of order a little. Chelsea is observing the post-meal clean up and prep for present opening time.

 The kid table plus Kinda getting ready to eat!

 Kinda and her faces

 The elusive grandparents. 


 Now we have some family group shots.
Bryon and Crystal with Tyjah and Kyri

 These strange people.
Rick. Abby, Chelsea, Erin and Brie in front

 Gatlyn, Gavin, Kina, Greyson

 Isaac, Jennifer, Elena and Elijah and Ezzy in front

 All the Hornbachers

 The original Kellys

The Kellys plus Heits

 Finally gift opening time! Brie chose to be in the corner all by herself to open. I guess it's easier to guard your stuff that way.

 Kinda and crew, with Del and Pam

 My family group was kind of out in the middle of the room, except for Brie in the corner.

 Bryon's crew along this wall.

The Haffner crew over by this couch, and my parents were on the opposite wall but apparently I didn't take a picture of them at present time.

 Last year we had marshmallow guns. This year we got marshmallow bow and arrow style shooters.

 The ammo doesn't hurt, and is tasty at the same time! Abby and some other kids were running around Hoovering up the stray ammo as the grown ups pelted each other from all over the place.

 Every girl ended up with a different Equestria girl, amazingly enough. 

 Load faster, Tyjah!

 I guess I did get a couple of Grandpa and Grandma at present time.

 And now we've moved on to Christmas Day morning. These are from Santa's visit and our own family's gift exchange. I got some Rodan and Fields stuff from Rick. I requested it, and then told Catherine that she needs to text Rick about a present for me. I'm so subtle.

 Oooooh, Ahhhhh! This is one I'm excited about!

 Stockings here. They are out of order here. Santa was the first presents we opened that morning, obviously.

 Brie and Abby wrapped up a couple of their own toys and gave them to each other. So this is not a NEW kitty, but it was exciting still. And they had fun giving to each other.

J.J.!!!! Chelsea dropped a few not so subtle hints about this toy as well. She was thrilled when Santa brought it to her. She carried it around all day.

 Still Christmas Day, at the Heit House! There are stockings here as well, but they aren't from Santa. They are filled with goodies and things to keep us busy while brunch is baking. And hidden inside the stockings are the cards that tell us what order we get to choose our yogurts in. Tradition carries on still!

 I like to take eating pictures.

 Opening our goodies

 Michelle hanging her stocking again on the mantel.

 I got a picture of Allen! And Randy on the couch!

 Heit Grandparents!

 Being cute

 We got personalized aprons from Lois and crew! Thanks!

 DeeAnn made a cozy warm blanket for each of our girls! They love them!

 Where ever Gemma was, Chelsea was not far away.

 Abby stayed home with Grandma, Gemma, and me while everyone else went to the church to race the new RC cars the girls got.

 Playing a throwback game from Daddy's childhood. You notice where Chelsea's attention lies.

 We played a fun game with paper plates, and then the girls balanced the plates on their heads. Ha!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!